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Shtastliveca Restaurants invite us to visit in the past. SHTASTLIVECA RESTAURANTS ARE ALL ABOUT FEELING AT HOME, This is not a difficult task as our guests are immersed in a warm, cozy and elegant atmosphere, making them feel at home. Everything is done in the style of the 30s and 40s, or the so-called “vintage” while black-and-white photographs of the last century draw us closer to Aleko, the patron of the restaurant. Antique clocks, ticking away the time, phones that are about to ring at any moment, and a piano ready to play their favorite melody any moment, make visitors forget about the true purpose of their visit, to enjoy the variety in the menu of the restaurant. With a smile, customers would reach at the bottles of fine wines, arranged in cabinets reminding them of those in their homes.

Each element of the interior in Shtastliveca Restaurants is perfected down to the last detail - from the pots of flowers on the tables to the series of books both for the young and the elderly, carefully arranged on the buffets. The original solutions are the result of the teamwork of the designer Dido, the owners and the entire team of the restaurant. Each decorative cushion and exquisite porcelain doll is the work of the talented Violeta Chalakova - VioNetta. The unique interior solutions impress both Bulgarians and foreigners.

“Love it. This is the best place I've ever seen in Bulgaria. The pictures, the vases, everything is amazing, so French. The food is very delicious and the service is perfect. I wish the team all the best, " said Anne, an Australian, who is a regular customer of the restaurant. Restaurant Shtastliveca 2 is situated on two levels and offers 130 indoor seats and 130 seats in the two outdoor summer gardens (terraces) which reveal magnificent views to the old and new part of Veliko Tarnovo. Faithful to its motto "Collection of tastes and aromas", the team of the restaurant relies on an authentic and generous menu, where everyone can find the right meal. The restaurant caters to the hectic everyday life of people and offers a daily menu of traditional Bulgarian recipes and the parents who avoid eating outside can rely on the well-equipped children's playground for their children to have fun. A professional pedagogue cares for the children, who also works with pre-orders for special events. You can rely on Restaurants Shtastliveca for every birthday, jubilee, anniversary or other personal celebration to create a unique atmosphere according to the wishes and needs of the customers. We can do an artistic and sensual interpretation for you of loading your table when set for a special occasion or just if you want to feel comfortable, quiet and different with us.

"Shtastliveca" 2 is located in Veliko Tarnovo, 3 Hristo Botev Str., Poltava City Center in the emblematic for the past of Veliko Tarnovo building! Phone: +359 62 60 60 53